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Take One Day at a Time : Surviving Post-Traumatic Stress

Take One Day at a Time : Surviving Post-Traumatic Stress

I wrote this book, because it saved my life. I have suffered for many years with PTSD and depression. This book tells about racism, mental illness and trauma. It also includes spiritual guidance. It shows how I endured many life struggles. As you read each page it will change your life and give you strength. As I wrote each page the weight of heaviness was lifted from my heart and mind. I want to reach out and help anybody who needs encouragement. My story is about inspiration and great endurance. It deals with my life as a husband and father for thirty years. It tells of shattered dreams and how hope can survive the weakest moments of our lives. My family has been a circle of support that has held me up, when I thought I could not go through one more day. Loneliness does not need to keep us in a cage of helplessness, but it can guide us to build survival skills. This book talks about good and bad memories. I enjoyed writing about the good memories and how God blessed me many times and I enjoyed writing about the bad memories, because it released a heaviness upon my heart. I feel this book could have a positive effect upon your life. Are you ready to take the time to change your life One Day at a Time ? For more information go to

  • Edition Details

    ISBN: 1412085748
    ISBN13: 9781412085748
    Release Date: August 2006
    Publisher: Trafford Publishing
    Format: Paperback
    Language: English
    Length: 146 Pages
    Weight: 0.45 lbs.
    Dimensions: 0.5" x 5.5" x 7.5"

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